Without language, where would we be? It’s one of the few things all people
have in common, but is also one of the major factors that divides us.

Subtitles open up the world of television to the deaf community and can
also be used as a language-learning aid or as an alternative to dubbing of
foreign-language programmes.

Translation and interpretation help to break down those barriers and bring
people from different cultures and backgrounds together. Translation can
make the difference between success and failure in a foreign setting.
Accurate, sensitive interpretation is vital when dealing with other
communities even within the same country.

Transcription gives a hard copy of any audio tape or file and allows quick
reference to the information it contains, whether it be a dictated letter, one-
on-one interview or a multi-speaker focus group. It overcomes difficulties
caused by accents which are hard to understand for those who are unused
to them and can clarify what is being said by a number of speakers at the
same time.

KM Text aims to provide a high-quality service at competitive rates to meet
your linguistic needs
Breaking down barriers