I own  a Swift NL V4 subtitling workstation which can be used for both DVD and broadcast subtitling and can
handle IPV encoded mpegs, .avi files .wmv files and other mpegs with burnt-in timecode.
Finished subtitle files can be returned in a variety of formats including .stl and .pac. If you have a video tape that
you'd like digitised into an mpeg, I can arrange to have that converted.

Transcription and Copy Typing

I can transcribe standard audio cassettes and most digital formats, either from CD, DVD, E-mail or downloaded
from your ftp site. Video files can also be transcribed, so if you'd like a timcecoded transcript of your rushes or
finished programme, get in touch. As with subtitling, all I need is a timecoded video file.

My background is in medical / environmental microbiology and biochemistry, so medical or scientific
terminology is no problem. Despite not being involved directly any more, I try to keep up with the latest

If you'd like a CV, letter or manuscript typed up, get in touch.

I'm a fast typist and can handle tight deadlines without getting too worked up, so if you have some urgent work,
let me know and I'll give you a quote on how quickly it can be done.

Editing and Proofreading

I'm an editor and proofreader with experience of various styles and genres before going to publication. I am
currently helping an author edit a booklet to accompany a ballet which he has written.


I'm a fluent Gaelic speaker who has been translating between English and Gaelic for a number of years at various
levels. In the past, I've
worked on a variety of projects from children's books and adult educational materials to government reports and

Should you wish to have a document translated into another British or European language, that can be arranged at
competitive rates.